Your brain is working against you. Oh don’t take it personally, it’s just made that way (and we’re not going to let your brain get away with it!). You see, our brains are wired for survival, not thriving. Every time we get out onto those proverbial “skinny branches” in our lives and take on something outside our comfort area our brain gets a little, let’s say….protective.


Brain: Excuse me, but we are in our cozy cave here and have food and we are safe. What exactly do you think you’re doing?

You:     I’m creating the life of my dreams! I’m going for it!

Brain:  That’s nice dear. Now let me tell you all the ways that won’t work….

All these brain processes are automatic, and most of them are outside of our conscious control, but that doesn’t mean we have to sit back and be railroaded by our biology. Here are 3 tried and true ways to work WITH your brain to create breakthroughs, miracles, and live that Perfect Day that seems almost close enough to touch.

Create Rituals

What the brain wants more than anything else is predictability. It wants the world and your life to be predictable because predictable=safe and safe=survival. As far as your brain is concerned, if you survive-you win! We can placate our brain’s need for predictability by creating rituals in our lives. A ritual can be anything from starting or ending your day with the same routine, to doing your grocery shopping at the same day and time every week, to having a yoga practice, to getting your coffee at the same place every day.

Collect the Right Evidence

If your brain were a lawyer, it would be working for the plaintiff and YOU are the defendant! Because of our survivalist brains, we automatically collect “evidence” about what we don’t like, what isn’t safe, and what we’ve been hurt by in the past. If you want to get your brain on your side and working as your advocate, you need to start paying attention to new evidence-the evidence that shows how your dreams are coming true, that the world is a safe and abundant place, and that you are becoming more and more successful every day. Gratitude journaling is highly effective for this purpose, as are coaching groups and program, accountability partnerships, masterminds, etc. The more evidence you have, the more your brain believes that something is “true” or “real” and therefore…safe.

Take Consistent Action

Can you keep taking the actions consistent with fulfilling your goals? You will have a lot more evidence to collect that your goals are being reached and your dreams are coming true if you are taking consistent action, even if the actions are small. Your actions can even be part of your rituals, which then create the right kind of evidence, which keeps your brain happy. I love it when a plan comes together, don’t you?

Leave your comments…What’s your “take away” from this article? What daily ritual or routine would make you feel grounded, what evidence can you collect, and what actions would you like to take?

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