In the last 18 months we’ve changed locations with our family 7 times. If you’re going to be working while travelling, a good Internet connection is going to be on your top list of essentials. Did you know that the average download speed in the US is 33.1 mbps and the average upload speed is 10.3? 

In Costa Rica the average download speed is 5.3 mbps and uploads….you don’t want to know. Here’s some tips on dealing with internet while working and living abroad.

Tip #1

When planning your travel, find out what the internet speed is where you’ll be renting, and if it is a shared connection. In Costa Rica specifically, I’ll now only live places where Tigo is offered, because they allow you to increase your internet speed up to 20 mbps. To run a household with 2 adults and 2 kids who have heavy computer usage, we find that 10 mbps is enough to keep everyone pretty happy. 

Tip #2

Power outages happen, so I recommend that you have a battery backup whether you travel or not. You can plug in your router as well as your computer. This device has saved my bacon more than once when the power went out while I was in the middle of a live interview or webinar. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about from Amazon (non-affiliate link, I chose it because it’s highly rated and similar to the one we have).

Tip #3

Have backup locations with decent wifi connections. I have standing agreements with several friends to bogart their internet connection in case of emergency wherever we’re living. I also scout out free wifi spots within the first week of moving to a new location, usually at coffee shops, libraries, and restaurants.

Tip #4

Request to pre-record interviews, teleclasses, and webinars rather than do them on a live feed. Many radio shows will give you the option to do live or pre-recorded, and you can still be on the line for a webinar or teleclass to do Q&A, welcome people, etc. even if your assistant runs a recording of the main content from a different country. 

What else would you like to know about working while travelling? Comment and let us know!

NOTE: Source of the average upload speed  –,1/United-States

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