Apparently by January 17th every year, up to 96% of people have ditched their goals and resolutions for the year. That just SUCKS. I’m not standing for it, and honestly neither should you. You are so.much.more.awesome. Than that stupid statistic.

No matter your approach to it, what matters is that you make it happen

No matter your approach to your goals, what matters is that you make them happen

I’ve been interviewing some of the top personal development and business experts in the world for the release of the StartSomething Show (and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about THAT).

One of the things that has stood out for me with every interview and conversation I’ve had is that they all said very similar things about what they personally did to achieve success, as well as help tens of thousands of people become successful too.

There was no better time for me to encapsulate this than now, so here are 3 of the most crucial things that will help you realize your goals in 2015. What makes them unconventional? Read on, and I’ll tie that all up at the end.

1. The Morning Routine

I’ve been extolling the virtues of the “Daily Workshop” for years, and I’m not the only one. To a person, every expert I’ve interviewed has shared with me that they start their day with a morning routine that helps them stay focused, keep their energy up, and be more productive. The following elements are included every single time:

(a) physical activity like stretching, walking, and yoga
(b) listening to or reading something inspirational, and
(c) reviewing a focal point of your priorities like reading your goals, your mission statement, or your outcomes for the week.

2. Clear Priorities & Values

It’s immeasurably easy to get pulled in a thousand directions by our ideas, multiple priorities, and new opportunities. But just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean that it jives with your purpose, your passion, and your financial bottom line. If you already did your Superfast 1 Year Plan, then you have gotten clear on your priorities. Now you want to look at those priorities and see if they are in sync with your values. When your priorities and values are aligned, you’ll be able to achieve a state of flow and ease faster.

3. Let the Right Information & People In

Most true experts are pretty humble and grateful people. They know that the more they learn, the more they know there’s so much more they don’t know! I was blown away by the amount of time, energy, and investment every expert I’ve spoken with has spent on developing relationships with teachers, coaches, mentors. On a personal note, I was incredibly encouraged as well by this revelation because investing in my development has always been a top priority for me as well. In a similar vein, the topic of surrounding yourself with like-minded, positive people kept coming up as well. How much easier is it to reach your goals when the people around you are building you up instead of tearing you down? Immeasurably.

When I said this was an unconventional guide to realize your 2015 goals, I meant it. Why? Because all 3 of the above crucial elements for success don’t have anything to do with building “business skills” and everything to do with building your “human skills.” No magic bullet/formula/blueprint/quick fix is going to help you reach the long term goals most important to you like developing these fundamentals will. Fundamentals don’t change. You don’t have to worry about Facebook or Google or job trends changing something when you build your life, business, and career on this kind of bedrock.

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