Brilliant Business Strategy Session

Clarity, Vision, and Strategies-these are the “big 3″ when it comes to taking the next leap in your business. If you’re feeling “stuck” and not sure what the next steps are, this business analysis and one on one session will give you Tina’s eagle eye on your business along with laser focused strategies to launch you towards your goals.





Success Funnel™ Jump Start Program

Do you dream of taking your business to the next level? You were meant to live a life of prosperity and abundance and this program will show you how to capture your vision and bring it into reality. Boost your effectiveness and income, build a lasting & sustainable foundation for your business, and get the clarity and focus you need to stay on track and thrive.

Brilliant Business Blueprint Coaching Package

This 5 session coaching package is for you if you’re ready to take action, address the “dire needs” of your business, and break through to the next level of profitability, client attraction, and visibility. Need to design your profitable plan? A savvy and prosperous business model? Pricing and marketing strategies that are authentic and cost effective? Get to the heart of the matter and start producing results.

Success Funnel System™ VIP Visionary Leader Program

An exclusive, application only coaching program for those ready to create exponential results. This program was designed for innovative, forward thinking business owners, partnerships, and executives who recognize how essential it is to partner with someone who has the wisdom, expertise and experience in doing the same so that you CAN live your purpose and have profound impact beyond your wildest dreams!