Your Brilliant Business Blueprint
Private Coaching Mini-Package

This “get started now” coaching package is for you if you need to design your plan, move road blocks out of your way, get pricing and marketing strategies that are authentic to YOU, and find your tribe and your customers. Excellent for those who are in the transition of just getting started, or if you feel like you’re spinning your wheels working hard but not getting the results you want. We can totally shift that.

In fact, this is great for ANY entrepreneur that is not getting the results they want and who needs another set of trained eyes from an expert with a proven track record of business success. We will strengthen your foundation and build strategic and profitable plans for your current phase of business to get you to that next level (with a view for sustainable, uber-profitable business success).

I have tons of strategic tools that I will share with you, you’re going to feel like a total rockstar, and it’s going to be SO.MUCH.FUN. Because the whole point is to do what you love, make a difference, and have a great life, right?

Typically your investment for 1 hour with me would be $350 (and worth every penny) but with this program you receive a special package rate for 5 one hour sessions with me that we will have together over 90 days creating results and wonderment for your business and life.

Your investment for this program is $997, and worth every.single.penny.

Ready to take the plunge into awesome?
Send along a note on our Contact Us page saying so, and we’ll get you rolling. No muss, no fuss.