Magdalena Musiala“I have been training and facilitating for years now, but it is not until now that I truly consider myself to be an entrepreneur. Through my coaching with Tina,  I was able to bring 50 people together for a multi-day, paid training in my hometown for the first time, and I have put together a team that is creating a school for entrepreneurs. The project has gained the attention of one of the top businessmen in Sweden, as well as the King of Sweden himself! I have a structure for my priorities and I am taking better care of myself than ever before, I have more courage and confidence, and I know everything I have done in this program will continue to grow.”

-Magdalena Musiala, Co-Owner of CivicLab & Human Element Trainer

Kate Sargent“I’m most proud of the fact that I feel more prepared in my business affairs and confident in myself now that I have these tools to use. I stayed focused because I knew I had my Mastermind group every week supporting me, and that motivated me to produce the results I really wanted. Even though it was focused on my business, this program took into account my whole life and I get to be a better ‘me’ even as my business grows. Everything feels easier and more flexible. My team is growing, and even my company has noticed and asked me to take a larger leadership role in meetings. I even talk to my customers in a whole new way!”

-Kate Sargent, Esthetician, Image Consultant & Mary Kay Team Leader

Ash Walani


“Working with Tina is always amazing. She produces results! She is a creative dynamo and our collaborations are nothing short of genius! Powerful and Empowering all at the same time – great combination!”

-Ash Walani, Creative Director & Co-Owner, Sherwood Copy


Lisa Langer“The coaching sessions with Tina have changed my approach in business and all other areas of my life. I’ve learned how to clarify and identify my personal and professional desires and can implement them with creative vision. The growth has been so profound that I’ve been able to improve my managerial skills, hire wonderful employees, purchase a commercial building with ideal partners to house my business, generate a larger clientele base, increase income, and open up a new retail shop. All of this has been accomplished in about a year with a minimum of time and effort. The investment in Tina’s coaching has brought the greatest returns. Thank you!

-Lisa Langer, Owner of Pencil in the River Studio & River Art Gallery and Gifts

Rob Provenzano“This is all about having what you need to accelerate towards the life of your dreams! AFTER I had taken some advanced leadership training with a different company, I had created a 12 year plan. With Tina’s coaching program I took that 12 year plan and was able to make it a 5 year plan with nothing left out and produce results. It’s clear, it’s focused, it’s motivating, and my results have been amazing.

-Rob Provenzano, Investor, Executive Producer, & Business Optimization Specialist




“After just 4 months in my coaching program, I have off the charts business results, an amazing relationship with a truly fabulous guy, I have control over my calendar, and a clear picture of the life I love along with the tools to have it become reality. And I’m not even done with the program yet!

-Heather Johns, Financial Advisor



“Working with Tina over the last year has helped me to get a better handle on my business, improve my focus, and launch my side project,

-Bill Even, Owner The Coming Wave-Marketing & Web Design for Small Business


Lisa Bauer

“After just two private sessions, I had four job interviews and got clear in my decision to relocate to a new city–and I got the job! I always feel better after coaching with Tina.”

-Lisa Bauer, Attorney at Law




Laura Burke

“When Tina is around, not only do things get done, but individuals around her achieve peak performance as well. Tina is a natural leader, both inspiring and motivating in an extremely effective, unique, tough-love way.”

-Laura Burke, Independent Contractor Arbonne Products



Michelle Epstein“My experience of Tina has been as a powerful, committed and effective coach. Her skills, training and experience in this field are obvious and extensive, but what makes her truly special is her deep personal commitment to the individual, and the care and compassion she exudes. Thank you, Tina, for the contibution you’ve made to my life.”

-Michelle Epstein, Real Estate Agent


Gloria Coppola“Tina is awesome! I love her!! She is personable and bright and well organized. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. Tina is full of great ideas and knowledge in marketing. She is honest and open. She is fun too! I feel Tina has the great makings of a women that can accomplish anything, perhaps even take over the world.”

-Gloria Coppola LMT, Owner Massage Pro CE


Kristen Nichols“Tina is a creative thinker with an unmatched ability to weave her detailed knowledge into her inventive ideas. This type of process allows her to evaluate and interact with each person, couple, team or business in a highly effective manner.”

-Kristen Nichols, Attorney at Law



Tony Ferrante“Tina is a leader in the Coaching Field who her warmth and sensitivity with a direct and present focused style. She routinely creates space for the people around like me to see what’s missing in their lives the presence of which would make them work effectively. It is with this utmost confidence that I recommend Tina as a Coach.

-Tony Ferrante, City of Toronto



Casey Combden“Insightful, thoughtful and powerful are the “full” words to describe Tina Dietz. During the year 2010, working with Tina was a privilege and a pleasure. Tina has an unlimited tool belt of insight into the characteristics that drive human behavior. Her thoughtful contemplation of every persons perspective is effortless in assessing the truth behind the clouds of noise. Her powerful messages are felt by her clients like a hammer striking a bell at the critical moments. She’s qualified to change lives… ding ding!”

-Casey Combden, Human Potential Specialist & Entrepreneur


Grant Browning“Tina is an absolute amazing, positive and uplifting person to work with on any project. Her leadership skills are impeccable! Her business knowledge is top notch! Her coaching and team skills are amazing. I would recommend Tina to partner with at any time!”

-Grant Browning, Owner


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