You have a huge desire to live a happy, successful, fulfilling life and you work hard. You need to produce the results you want in a format that is effective for your time and your lifestyle.

You need results now. Giving yourself permission to invest in your vision allows you to experience rapid results and consistent momentum in 12 months or less.

As a 4th generation entrepreneur myself, I know how life and business are constantly meshed together. My signature, exclusive Success Funnel System™ was designed through my years of working with more than 20 industries internationally, with businesses and entrepreneurs from all walks of life and extensive study in the worlds of business, psychology, human dynamics, communication, and even neurology.

The Success Funnel System™ is a unique, “whole person approach” through which you learn how to integrate both work life and your personal life into a single perfect whole in which your schedule makes sense, you have the income you want, the time you want, and you’re fulfilled in the work you’re doing. Instead of work being a means to an end-a grind, a paycheck- it’s a launching pad to create all of your dreams fulfilled.

If you know that there’s more to life than working 60+ hours per week…

If you know that you have a purpose and a dream that’s yearning to be fulfilled…

If you’re ready to give yourself permission to live a life you love…

YOU are ready to be a Visionary Leader.

Success Funnel System™ Visionary Leader Program

Program Duration: 12 months

 20 hours of private coaching time (30 minute or 60 minute sessions) with option to bundle time and discounted rate for additional calls. ($7000)
 Weekly email coaching and celebrations to keep you on track, assist with crafting your marketing copy, e-products, social media, and more. ($2000)
 1 VIP live half day intensive for activation and alignment where we dive into your business and map out whatever is needed, including events, marketing blueprints, cash flow, strategic planning, etc. ($3000)
 Full support with matters of professional and business development, including but not limited to:
     o Guidance with service delivery
     o Effectively dealing with challenges with clients/customers
     o Employee management
     o Developing profitable networks and joint ventures
     o Program development
     o Product development
     o Marketing development, including traditional and online media coverage
     o Personal & company branding
     o Attracting ideal clients
     o Developing solid business systems and teams
     o Productivity and time management systems
     o Developing and managing multiple income streams
     o Video and Audio production
     o Sustainably managing your energy and FUN during the business building process
     o $10,000+ of value saving you thousands of dollars and years of time
 Full access and registration into all virtual courses and products including Mentoring programs, 12 week intensives, etc. that are launched during your contract time. ($6000 +)
  Complete access to all of my business templates to support you in fully aligning all of your outer business (tools for marketing, networking, long-term planning, tracking, and much more) ($2000)
♦  Business Advocacy status where your business gets mentioned periodically to my social media networks and you have access to my “golden rolodex” of contacts to be accessed as needed. (priceless)
 VIP scheduling priority and personal attention to all emails (priceless)
  VIP notification of all new events and programs (priceless)

Investment for this year long program is $8,000.
Payment plans of $697/month for 12 months and partial scholarships may be available.